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The airbrush is a healthy alternative to a tanning booth, putting well-being at the heart of our salon’s values.

The shades offered, latte, mocha, espresso and cappuccino sʼ are perfect for all skin types. The ingredients of the solutions are all natural: aloe, vitamin A, C and E, white tea and green tea extracts. In addition to being completely vegan, the products are certified as not tested on animals.
Nuda Canada airbrush tanning offers you a unique experience tailored to your needs.





Before the session:

Lʼexfoliation is essential, so that the result of your airbrush tan is optimal. You should exfoliate your skin 2 to 4 times before your session. The use of a simple exfoliating soap is insufficient. We highly recommend using an exfoliating glove and a good scrub. A good exfoliation will allow you to remove all the dead cells from your skin. If your exfoliation has not been done properly, the result and/or attenuation may not be uniform and your result may disappear prematurely. NUDA products are designed to disappear gradually and evenly when your skin is free of dead cells.


The treatment will take 20 min for a tan of about ten days depending on your lifestyle and will leave gradually.


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