This treatment is an Ideal body exfoliation before the tan spray.



SINECELL Draining and Reducing

This is a high-performance and innovative cabin treatment with a new generation of active ingredients and an eco-friendly approach. Red algae help eliminate fat (cellulite). Probiotics activate the elimination and recycling of toxins in the tissues. Reduce and reshape the body profile Improve the unsightly appearance of cellulite For men and women Recommended as a complement to madero therapy and slimwave.

FUOCO Anti-Cellulite and Toning

This treatment treats the problems of cellulite, localized fat, lack of tone and skin aging. The treatment product contains black rose extract (moisturizing and redensifying), purple loosestrife, which has a reducing and push up effect, and round-leaf sundew, a carnivorous plant that promotes the reduction of fat in the cell. There are also several minerals and other types of plants that will work to achieve the desired result for women and men who want to treat cellulite.